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Summer weddings 2024-

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Our Garden

Just as heaven was the fertile ground from which the whole world grew, So Eden is the place to start.
Plant love seedlings in your heads and celebrate their meaning – the crop that will grow, the fruit that will ripen the joint creation that will grow and flourish along the way.

Our Unique Benefits

Our Nature
Indoor Hall
Our Lake
High Quality Alcohol Bar
Flexible Capacity 150-700 People
Seasonal Kitchen
Events All Year

Weddings In Eden

This is your special day! Weave your vision of your wedding and makes your dreams come true. give your wedding a genuine unique touch. Come share your dreams with us, and we will make them happen.

We conduct a personal introductory meeting in which we design your event to your exact specification. Throughout the years we have collected successful ideas and special concepts which were realized in our Garden of Eden. We provide the perfect atmosphere– it is yours to act in.

* You are more than welcome to enjoy a quality experience in a pastoral atmosphere and celebrate with us briths, bar-mitsvas, bat-mitsva or any other special event in your life.


Summer weddings in Eden

Feel the magic immediately as you enter the garden. It is like a fairy-tale: everything is green and flourishing, the lighting is romantic, the lake is sparkling and the garden is hypnotizing.

During the summer we conduct receptions in the garden itself, with plenty of seating areas, a bar offering quality alcoholic drinks and your choice of hors d’oeuvres. Many couples choose to conduct the wedding ceremony on the water’s balcony, but the grounds and lawns offer other options such as the area under the old Eucalyptus tree, or under the gazebo.

After the ceremony the guests are invited to the air-conditioned transparent hall to eat, drink, dance and share the love until the wee hours of the night.


Winter weddings in Eden

If you have always dreamt of a winter wedding and the cooler season is your time of year, imagine yourself standing inside a transparent structure, all warm and intimate, with glistening candles all around. It may be cold and rainy outside; the rain may pound on the large glass windows through which the garden, the pool and the trees moving in the wind can be seen. The charms of the garden and the water are combined into a unique experience.
Your guests are indulged with excellent music, quality food and the highest level of blends to drinks. The wedding ceremony can be conducted in several places, with features chosen to suit each couple. The spacious hall is divided into designated areas for each stage of the event.

We at “Eden” ensure an extra warm winter – especially around the dance floor…


Lunch weddings in Eden

For those of you who envision a lightweight event, in broad daylight, in the bosom of nature.
“Eden’s” Friday events are relaxed and serene. The bride, with a flower bouquet and sandals, approaches the broom, tie-less and informal. A perfect cocktail atmosphere surrounds our fantasy garden. The décor is unusual: parasols, fans and ventilators, green lawns and plenty of places for laughter all around.
Host your wedding in a most attractive price.
vegan friendly

Eden's Kitchen

Gathering is the moment when food, people and creation are gathered into a unique and complete experience.
At our events we will richly and generously hold long banquet tables. We will invite you turn to the table comfortably, take the time, pull the moment. Let the calls roll, laugh to be heard, the glasses of wine to be filled again and again. We invite you to celebrate the real, delightful and relaxed encounter that takes place when close people meet around a set table.

Chef Orel Kimchi serves a plate with fish dish
A fish dish, a glass of red wine and salads on a table
A glass of white wine and plates with fish, gnocchi and green vegetables
Corned beef served with mint zucchini julienne, pickled purple onion, Dijon aioli and artichoke cream
A bowl with a fish fillet in a green crust, cutlery on a napkin, a glass of white wine alongside focaccia from the taboon
Crude fresh fish accompanied by pita crunch in a deep dish
Serving bowls with quinoa and cranberry salad, cherry tomatoes salad and grilled eggplant salad accompanied by mini challah bread
Dishes with chocolate twill, cubes of truffles, and cocoa streusel on a wooden board and coffee beans
A personal plate with Japanese lemon pie, Yuzu lemon cream, almond streusel and meringue chips
Fish & risotto Gilthead bream fillet, white wine, cherry tomatoes, roasted cabbage, served over black rice
A tray full of burnt tomato slices, roasted onions and charted peppers
Four glasses of fruit-based cocktails decorated with Gypsophila and orange slices
A waiter pours cream of tartar on fish and chips serving
A hand holding a saucer with Masshan and Tahini sauce
Chef Orel Kimchi in the wedding hall
A selection of plates with focaccia from the taboon, grilled antipasti vegetables, a piece of Zaatar chicken accompanied by roasted eggplant
Personal plate with
A piece of aged entrecote, demi-glass sauce and rotisserie potato served on a decorated plate
Juicy chicken thighs, za’atar pesto, mechouia salad, and tahini on top
A piece of aged entrecote accompanied by demi-glass sauce and a rotisserie potato on a decorated plate
A waitress puts together a dessert: chocolate mousse, truffle cubes, cocoa streusel and chocolate twill
A waiter prepares a fish dish and risotto
Cocktail garnished with rosemary and cucumber rolled with a toothpick
Fall-off -the-bone chicken leg quarters in our marinade, served with Jerusalem artichoke ravioli, chard & tomato confit
Saucers with tandoori chicken on a skewer served with naan, almond yogurt, charred tomatoes and burnt chili pepper
A bartender prepares a cocktail at WINE GARDEN
Roasted salmon, fresh herbs, served with green vegetables
Juicy chicken thighs in a honey-mustard glaze roasted and browned in the oven with garlic and rosemary, served with roasted baby sweet potatoes
Saucers with meringue chips, yuzu lemon cream and sauce
A dish of brownies with toppings, alongside vanilla ice cream and chocolate sauce on top
Two plates with s'mores - marshmallow cubes, pieces of crispy dough and chocolate sauce
A personal dish of Bavarian-style sausage on a bed of caramelized onions
Lahmacun enters the Tabun
Slow cooked asado served over a potato purée with Tunisian Pkaila sauce
A dish of beef fillet and lye fat on a skewer, served with potato wedges and chimichurri sauce
Puff pastry tart with beet & cashew cream, Redefine Meat, arugula salad and ‘beef’ stock
Tandoori chicken skewer seasoned with garam masala, served with naan, almond yogurt and chili pepper
Spice plants and large jars with coffee beans, cinnamon sticks and sugar cubes to decorate the cafe
A plate with liver mousse, a bowl with cherry tomato salad and a plate with beef carpaccio, rocket and balsamic sauce
brioche roll with 7-hour thin-rib braised in red wine, mushroom and truffles ragu
A waitress prepares a dish of brioche bun with Shpondre and truffle mushroom ragout
Butter bean Msabbaha- individual serving of Butter bean spread with fried eggplant, egg and preserved lemon
Fennel salad citrus segments, hydroponic lettuce, white balsamic vinaigrette and walnuts
Asian salad with cabbage, cucumber, radish, gamba, carrot sticks, shimeji mushrooms and walnuts
A waitress prepares a dish of Fall-off -the-bone chicken leg quarters and Jerusalem artichoke ravioli, chard & tomato confit
Individual serving of Butter bean spread, large trays with colorful carpaccio, beets, pumpkin carpaccio.
Salmon bruschettas served over Caesar aioli and crispy lettuce
Fall-off -the-bone chicken leg quarters and Jerusalem artichoke ravioli
Soy-honey glazed salmon over cellophane noodles and satay sauce served in individual bowls

Eden's Couples reviews

You do not have to believe everything we tell, but here’s what our couples thought of us, so you can judge for yourselves.

More Wedreviews Recommendations

Aluma & Nitai


“From the beginning we felt in Eden a pleasant and homey feeling. Ben treated us pleasantly and patiently throughout the period.
The place is special and creates a spacious and nature atmosphere.
Highly recommend”

Liraz & Elad


“We would choose you over and over and over again, it says it all, isn’t it? It was amazing! thank you very much”

Chen & Elad


“We were looking for a special place to get married and we found it after 6 halls we searched for. We chose to get married in “Eden” on 22.2.22 and it was an unforgettable event. A magical place with amazing energies, lots of vegetation, the hall is designed so perfectly that we immediately fell in love with it and felt sure that this was the place. We booked the hall with dear Uzi who made sure to explain and recommend the place to us, and the amazing Shiran who was our event manager. Shiran was so organized and pleasant and accompanied us through the entire process of organizing the wedding and the seating arrangement. She took care of everything during the event. There are simply no words to thank you for everything, your investment and work are appreciated. We left very satisfied with our choice of Eden the wedding garden &hall, we received endless compliments on the magical place and the delicious food, the waiters were present and kind and nothing was missing. Everything was just incredibly precise! The most romantic and beautiful place to get married at, highly recommended. Thank you for everything “

Bat-chen & Uzi


“Dear “Eden”, there are no words to describe the experience we had with you on our wedding day! Everything was perfect, the food, the service, the suppliers, and the original and special design of the hall. We received endless compliments that the wedding was 10/10. Without a doubt, after two years of Waiting with Corona in the middle, you were the best choice we could have made! Thank you for your patience and listening during this entire period, you did it with sensitivity and inclusion and we thank you for that! We look forward to coming to celebrate with you at other people’s weddings and other events in our lives. We love you a lot and are happy with the choice,
Uzi and Bat-chen”

Inbar &Sagiv


“We got married about two days ago and I must say that Eden is simply a beautiful events garden, like you see in the movies! Everything was stunning and perfect just as we dreamed and even exceeded all expectations! We received endless compliments on everything! I must emphasize that the staff members are amazing, hardworking, professionals and super kind! From the moment of closing the deal until the last day, they did everything so that we would be satisfied and happy. Inbar the sales rep. was charming and always available for help and consulting. And Mor the event manager who was always there for us and took care of everything we wanted and beyond! And how can we not mention Liathris, Eden’s champion house designer! who left us speechless, she razed everything a few levels above! And we don’t Stop getting reviews and compliments on the crazy design she did, she has a perfect hand and is without a doubt the perfect choice!) We are so glad we chose Eden for our big day.”


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