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Our "Garden of Eden"

"Eden on the Water" is located in the midst of the green Sharon area, far from Israel's urban bustle. A unique venue surrounded by pastoral natural landscapes, awaits our visitors open year-round. Whatever the season and under all weather conditions, you will always be accepted here with a broad smile and an honest good will.
At "Eden on the Water" you are not just a couple about to get married and your special night is not just another event –
it is a true love affair.
Our approach is to offer you a moving wedding event with a unique guest experience by providing a courteous and credible service. Our garden and its operating staff, , are driven by a sense of generosity, acceptance and social awareness.
Each event is a chance for us to share our love and respect for all people and for nature. It is a chance for us to do what we love most.
"Eden on the Water" is Kosher and is suitable for any type of event, in every type of weather.

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Events in Eden- all year long

This is your special day! Weave your vision of your wedding and makes your dreams come true. give your wedding a genuine unique touch. Come share your dreams with us, and we will make them happen.
We conduct a personal introductory meeting in which we design your event to your exact specification. Throughout the years we have collected successful ideas and special concepts which were realized in our Garden of Eden. We provide the perfect atmosphere– it is yours to act in.

* You are more than welcome to enjoy a quality experience in a pastoral atmosphere and celebrate with us briths, bar-mitsvas, bat-mitsva or any other special event in your life.
Feel the magic immediately as you enter the garden. It is like a fairy-tale: everything is green and flourishing, the lighting is romantic, the lake is sparkling and the garden is hypnotizing.
During the summer we conduct receptions in the garden itself, with plenty of seating areas, a bar offering quality alcoholic drinks and your choice of hors d'oeuvres. Many couples choose to conduct the wedding ceremony on the water's balcony, but the, grounds and lawns offer other options such as the area under the old Eucalyptus tree, beside the large Ficus tree or between the two pools.
After the ceremony the guests are invited to the air-conditioned transparent hall to eat, drink, dance and share the love until the wee hours of the night.
If you have always dreamt of a winter wedding and the cooler season is your time of year, imagine yourself standing inside a transparent structure, all warm and intimate, with glistening candles all around. It may be cold and rainy outside; the rain may pound on the large glass windows through which the garden, the pool and the trees moving in the wind can be seen. The charms of the garden and the water are combined into a unique experience.
Your guests are indulged with excellent music, quality food and the highest level of blends to drinks. The wedding ceremony can be conducted in several places, with features chosen to suit each couple. The spacious hall is divided into designated areas for each stage of the event.
For those of you who envision a lightweight event, in broad daylight, in the bosom of nature.
"Eden's" Friday events are relaxed and serene. The bride, with a flower bouquet and sandals, approaches the broom, tie-less and informal. A perfect cocktail atmosphere surrounds our fantasy garden. The décor is unusual: parasols, fans and ventilators, green lawns and plenty of places for laughter all around.
Host your wedding in a most attractive price.

The Heart of "Eden"

"Eden on the Water's" heart is composed with people who operate the place and make it beat differently each day and night, according to each couple we meet.
Our dynamic, dedicated and sincere in-house team will make your wedding night with flawless memories.

Worth Knowing

At "Eden" we take the precision of each couple and design their event to absolute perfection.
We offer you all of the crucial information along tips which will assist you in hosting your special day.

Alternative contents

"Eden on the Water" is prepared to conduct events in various shapes and sizes.

Year-round Events

A Perfect combination between internal and external locations.

Limitless Celebrations

There's no curfew for your event (Except for Fridays – until the commencement of the Sabbath)


various locations: on the water/ all around the garden/ inside the spacious hall

Perfect Location

Between north and south
Between road no. 4 and road no. 6

Free Parking

A wide and user-friendly
parking lot suitable for up to 500 cars + parking attendants on duty

Lighting & Sound

Advanced audio-systems guaranteeing the best atmosphere.

Up Side Bar

Professional bar services with bartenders who will make your night (and day).

Catering Services

"Asif", led by Chef Orel Kimchi. An international standards caterer, taking care of the smallest and critical details

Social Responsibility

Contributing and donating for various communities.


Thinking "green" by recycling and using biodegradable materials.


Accessibility declaration>>>

Our Tips

1 | Sundays

Consider scheduling your event on Sunday, the first day of the working week in Israel. Enjoy less traffic along the way; your guests and the service vendors will be refreshed and full of energy after the restful weekend.

2 | Comfort

Consider your own comfort when choosing clothes, shoes and accessories, so no physical discomfort will distract you on your special day. A change of clothing and shoes is recommended.

3 | Come Early

So you can enjoy the preparations, make sure everything is coming together according to plan, and most importantly – get a chance to grab something to eat beforehand, as it is most likely that you will not get a chance to do so afterwards…

4 | Positive Decision-Making

Decide for yourselves that nothing will interfere with your special day: not a close friend being late, nor a sick aunt. Nothing will lower your morale!

We Care!

Aside from providing our couples with a memorable wedding, we never forget to support deserving causes.
While being on the go, we try to support those in need and to society overall.
We believe that generosity brings love to bloom.

About the community

  • Each year we conduct special donations and contribution events.
  • The remaining food is donated to people in need.
  • holidays we present our partners with gift baskets crafted by members of different NGOs.
  • Our couples are offered to purchase gifts for their guests from a variety of items crafted by those NGOs, thus giving something back both to their guests and to the community.

About the environment

  • Recycling: We recycle plastic bottles, glass, plastics cups and paper.
  • At the end of our introductory meetings we offer our couples recycled paper bags, purchased from a sheltered employment plant which employs staff with special needs.

Success Stories

Hear from couples who have celebrated with us at "Eden on the Water"
  • Shani & Naor's Wedding
  • Jenny & Moran's Wedding
  • Mor & Kfir's Wedding
"Eden on the Water" is one of the most amazing and beautiful reception venues. Its staff is dedicated and kind.
Ruth walked us through the steps of making every feature and demand in our wedding come alive. She was available around the clock, ready to meet our desires.
Moshe, our event manager was there by our side, ready to lower down the stress and pressure.
Ronen from "Braf" was amazing starting from the menu tasting tries along with considering our specific requests in building our menu, ending with great service on the day itself.
To make it short and simple: We highly recommend "Eden on the Water" for a perfect event.
The place bought us at first glance with its unique charm, but with no doubt, our meeting with Ruth left no certainties but to trust our instincts.
We felt we had plenty of people by our side in every step of the way, leaving us to feel calm and safe.
The wedding ceremony and reception was perfect leaving lots of compliments to the venue, the service and the catering.
We are glad we choose "Eden" and we strongly recommend it.
A charming venue with its enchanting beauty and unique staff.
You escorted us throughout the way; with great interest to fulfil our desires leaving us feel calm and safe. We felt there is someone we could trust.
From the moment we first laid foot and after visiting other venues, we were certain that this was the place for our wedding.
We are glad we choose you and will never forget all the warm attention you gave to every specific detail we raised leaving our special day unforgettable.

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Eden on the water, Kibutz Nir Eliyahu
Phone: 053-2726146 | Email:

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